Foreign Exchange Student at Central

Resola's Experience at Central.

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Foreign Exchange Student at Central

Concha Campa

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Michele Resola is part of the Foreign Exchange Program who got the opportunity to come to Salina Central for his junior year. Before arriving Resola was overwhelmed “I didn’t even know how to ask where classes were,” Resola said. Since he had only begun studying his English two weeks in advanced.

Resola didn’t know what to expect all he knew about the “American life” was what was in the movies. All he hoped for was to find nice welcoming people and he gladly found that at Central. He also found great people that helped him discover a new passion. “I had the chance to meet people like Garber who helped me and guide me through what is my real passion, photography,” Resola said.

While experiencing a new country Resola faced a couple of difficulties. During the first months he experienced homesickness, but eventually learned how to deal with it. He also felt lonely in the beginning due to the  language barrier but “it’s part of the experience,” Resola said. Along with negatives there were positives. One of the major pros for Resola was that he was thrilled to learn English since it’s “the most useful language in the world,” Resola said. He was also excited to meet new people, try new things and find new interests.

Resola’s school in Italy was very different than his school in America. In Italy they are not allowed to choose their classes and only have classes like math, physics, and Italian history. They don’t have any electives like we do here which “sometimes sucks” according to Resola. Another difference is that they don’t have any school sports just different clubs unlike here where we have all different types of sports.

There were also different things that Resola had to adapt to outside of school. Back in Italy he was a motorcycle racer and would often go on rides. When he arrived here, he learned that things are different here in America. If he wanted to go out or do other things he always had to ask for permission unlike in Italy. He mentioned that rules here in America are stricter than where he is from. He also had to adjust to the food according to Resola American food is great, but nothing compares to the food from Italy.

Resola really enjoyed his experience with the foreign exchange program. The next upcoming school year he plans to join another program which will allow him to study in London during his senior year. He believes that traveling and learning different cultures opens your mind to the world

“I would like to thank you for the interview and also thank everyone that helped make this year memorable including teachers, teammates, and friends. I learned that no matter where you are a place is good just as the people that live there are,” Resola said.


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