Thoughts on Internet Challenges

Freshman Avery Smith shares her thoughts on the internets most viral concepts.

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Thoughts on Internet Challenges

Sydney Raman, Opinion Reporter

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The internet is powerful and is sometimes harmful today in the year of 2018. But many things still take me by surprise on why people would actually do them. Challenges, the most eye bawling thing you’ll see at the moment on any social media platform. From the cringe worthy “Kylie Jenner Lip challenge” and the “tide pod challenge”, I’m left with many thought-provoking questions. It is so easy nowadays to just quickly upload a video or picture that can instantly go viral. But challenges to me stick out the most. Here I interview freshman Avery Smith on her thoughts on the media and what is put out their, and let me tell you I couldn’t agree more.

Social media has its perks and some not so nice things. Many platforms on the internet are used to share, create, and to learn things. ¨I hate when social media is used unlawfully, or when it’s used to hurt other people. It’s difficult to enjoy all the perks of social media when your caught with people outside of my usual zone.¨ Avery states when asked what she liked and hated the most about social media. But she also adds that the media shows her ¨best side¨ when she posts pictures of her enjoying life.

But when Avery saw things like the ¨tide pod challenge¨ and ¨Kylie Jenner challenge¨ she was taken by storm. As Avery states, ¨I thought that it was pretty incompetent of people to put themselves at risk like that. I find social media to be an outlet for me to be absolutely and completely myself, not try to morph myself into a Kylie replica, or poison myself trying to make a joke.¨  Like I said things now a days can easily go viral and many people can be easily be influenced. But those challenges can be taken out of hand. Especially when the internet is sometimes an unsafe place for things like challenges.

Avery states, ¨Its difficult to control people and keep them from doing stupid things when they’re being influenced by everything in front of them.¨ Sometimes the pressure of others and the media can push you to do stupid things. Like eat tide pods or make your lips look swollen to a point just to mock a celebrity. Thankfully Avery has not attempted any of these cringe worthy challenges and just sticks to ¨positive posts.¨

Why would people create these dumb challenges anyway? ¨I think that most are just bored and lack the mental capacity to do something productive with their time. I know that’s harsh, but why else would people be eating laundry detergent pods? It’s not cool, and it’s not smart.¨ I couldn’t agree more. ¨If people could just step back and start focusing on what actually matters, I think that things would slow down and the internet would be a very clean, positive place.¨ I agree with Avery, if there could be seen more of positive challenges or posts, the internet could become a more positive place. But only time can tell.


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