School Spirit Is Gone!

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School Spirit Is Gone!

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The Evolution of Freshmen:

2015: “No way man, we have another pep rally! Its bout to get LIT up in this place! Thank god we don’t have to go to ELO today! Ooo, get it drum line! Yeah, play dat sexy fight song bruh! Aight, they tryna get us to yell? I can yell! Wooooo! Oh… Okay, that was… Yeah… All the seniors just booed us. It’s okay, I’ll be a Senior one day.”

2018: “Ugh… Another Pep Rally?! Why do we even have these? I just want to go back to ELO to fill my brain with snapchat. Wait! That’s exactly what I’ll do! I’ll use my phone – the whole time! What’s this I hear? Oh god! They’re going to make me walk through a barrage of brass instruments and percussion that play the same song over and over and over again! I just want my X-BOX; is that too much to ask for?! Why are they asking us Freshman to scream? I mean, they really want me to TRY to use ENERGY to yell?!?! Oh no! My FEELINGS! They’re booing me and I am extremely offended! Ugh, what has this school become?!?”

We’re losing our PEP!

My freshman year was year of great transition. It was one of the best years in my high school career, and everything was exciting.

We actually cheered our team on at football and basketball games. Pep rallies were actually exciting. The band is one of the most committed arts, being at every home Football and Basketball game.

The point is, high school is only 4 years long; you should go and have fun, not sit on your  couch and play “Fortnite” all day. Go to basketball games, go to football games; just do something!

Seniority is Dead

When I was a freshman (and we actually won football games), seniority was still alive. We weren’t allowed to vote for Sadie’s candidates, Prom candidates, or Homecoming candidates. Now, everybody has to be equal. What is this?!?! You don’t even know most of the people that are running for Homecoming Queen, so basically it has become a popularity contest. I know why though. Because underclassmen are “entitled.” But that’s fine… Either way one day you will become a senior, and either we keep seniority, and have your chance at fun, or let everyone be equal.

Please PLEASE do something about the voting problem, Stuco…it makes the voting system a popularity contest… and for the freshmen and sophomores: At least try to have some school spirit. You’ll wish you did in the future.

The Salina Central Marching Band plays music to pump up the student section and the players.

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