The theory of Lil Miquela

The mystery that lies on the ¨robot¨ famous Instagram model.

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The theory of Lil Miquela

Sydney Raman, Opinion Reporter

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“Lil Miquela” the sim character video game look a like that has the fame but confusion from many. With her distinct but perfect features, many think she may be a robot. From her perfectly sculpted face with prominent features like her hair, eyes, and freckles, many questions lay ahead of this sensational model. Is she real?

Instagram’s platform is used by many to express, create, and share interesting things. Miquela definitely is one of those interesting things. With her account of 607k followers, there are many eye brows raised. Miquela set up her account in 2016 and within 3 months she started booming, she gained over 60,000 followers. But along with those followers came publicity of her looks. Miquela has a beautiful face but almost looks too fake.

 I and many others believe that Miquela is a computer generated imagery created by someone imagining and wanting themselves to be Miquela. With the luxurious style of a model living in LA, who wouldn’t want that?

Obviously Miquela is some 3D art photo like model, but why? Miquela acts normal with expressing her political views, fashion, and normal everyday life. She is very ¨human like.¨ It seems to be that the person or whoever made her took a regular human a made it ¨bleed¨ with a computer model, to create this interesting internet sensation. I also believe that she has been made by a group of people for a marketing company.

Miquela with her friends. Credited photos from her Instagram @lilmiquela

But the true question that lays beneath all this why? What is the purpose of this. Is it some twisted representation of how attracted we our to social media or technology in general?

Another picture of Miquela and her friends. Credited from photos on her Instagram @lilmiquela

There are and still many on going theories about Miquela and who she really is, but I guess we wont know until she tells us.

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