Window Fiasco

The awkwardness of walking down the science wing hallway is too much.

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Window Fiasco

Sydney Raman, Opinion Reporter

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As I walk to the bathroom from my science classroom, there are many things that are running through my head. Why am I so awkward? Why is everyone staring at me, I look like a mess today! What has my life come to up until this point? My teenage anxious self feels the pressure of my peers eyes piercing through my soul, a number of memes could be used to describe me at that point of time.

Those giant windows in the science wing have created that mindset of a troubled over-thinking teen like me and probably like many. I know many students are just bored in class and are probably thinking about things totally irrelevant from the subject of “science.” But when they stare out into those huge windows, do they not realize how predominant my awkwardness shines in that point of time? All I am doing is going to the bathroom.

The bathroom! I’m not walking on hot coals, but my emotions definitely are when I walk down that hallway to the bathroom. A simple task like that, walking down a hallway with big windows, somehow feels like the most uncomfortable thing for me in that point of time. Walking back from the bathroom? That´s even worse! I am walking back to class and so help me God, my shoelace becomes untied! Now I have to stop in this empty hallway, and have God knows how many teenagers stare at me with their curious eyes while I do the simplest thing.

Tying my dang laces. Now one student is looking at me, she taps her friend sitting next to her and points at the awkward teen tying their shoe laces. Soon sweat starts to build up and now my hands are shaking! What could be more awkward? Oh no! The whole class is now staring at me with wide eyes, through those big windows.

Okay All I gotta do is stand up and walk to my class. Easy, right? I start to stand up and walk back to class with a trail of eyes following my back.

I finally am in class, sitting down wiping the sweat off my brow. I look out those big windows as the teacher is going over our next assignment. I start to gaze off and suddenly see someone tying their shoe laces, soon the whole class has moved their eyes over to him. He looks nervous. I wonder what he is thinking about…

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