Book Vending Machines

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Book Vending Machines

Dalila Jimenez

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The purpose for  book vending machines is to fill the cities with books that are recycled from their previous owners so they could be passed down.

Many people view book vending machines as useless due to cellphones and computers have access to so many books. In a study done by it states that 40% of people like to read on screen and 60% enjoy reading hardback books.

The first book vending machine was in 1822 built by Richard Carlile and then there was the “ Penguincubator” in the 1930’s  so it’s nothing new, but it’s now coming back into the light again.

A book store in Singapore has decided to place book vending machines around the city in places like the airport shopping centers and train stations so people can use the books as a source of entertainment while they wait. According to Jetblue Airlines they also are putting the machines in schools because “ The program is based on trying to get books in the hands of children who don’t have age-appropriate books at home. They can touch and pick a book that was important to them so nobody, no adult is telling them what book they have to take.”

For Junior Estefania Granado she doesn’t think book vending machines are worth putting in at Central , “ I think it’s a good but i’m not sure if people would actually use it, a lot of kids in our school don’t like to read so I feel like the vending machine would be a waste of time and money.”

For Mrs. Maresch she is unsure if the vending machine would impact kids as it would in a more populated school “ I think if Salina was a bigger city and the school had more children that would take advantage of the free books then it would be an amazing addition to our school because the books would expand the knowledge of our students.”

Books tell stories of characters who are real or imaginary that can help you grow emotionally and spiritually .

“ Books make you look at the world through someone else’s perspective and it helps produce and maintain empathy which I think is very important. They pick you up when you’re sad and make you think about other people’s experiences in relation to yours and they can help you with whatever you are going through” explained Bryce Jones.

Books open doors for new opportunities for students to learn, explore and imagine which is why a book vending machine could be beneficial to Central and the community.

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