Trump visits Philippines, Protesters Unhappy

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Trump visits Philippines, Protesters Unhappy

Nathan Farmer

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The President of the United States, Donald Trump, recently visited the Philippines, which caused an unsettling among not only the people in the Philippines, but many people in America as well. People in The Philippines protested on the streets, holding signs that said things such as “Ban Trump in Ph” and “Trump, not welcome.”

There were also people outside of Trump tower in New York protesting because they thought the President was planning on building US military bases in the Philippines.

Trump met with Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte, who is not necessarily a popular figure in the Philippines. Duterte has brutally killed several large chain drug dealers, which is immoral and wrong even though they are involved in illegal activity in the drug business.

Trump later boasted of having a “great relationship,” with Duterte.

The two leaders met over issues in a bloody drug war that had resulted in over a thousand extrajudicial kills.

“We had a great relationship,” Trump told reporters. “This has been very successful. I have really enjoyed my time here.”

Trump even invited President Duterte to the White House. This trip went much better than Barack Obamas trip in September 2016, where Obama canceled a bilateral meeting with Duterte.

This trip was a successful one for our nation, as the US influence on the Philippines is surely not over.

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