You Should Park Your Dog at the Dog Parker

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You Should Park Your Dog at the Dog Parker

Camryn Phelps

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If you’re looking for a safer and easier alternative to tying your dog up while you go into a no pets allowed area, then the dog parker is a no brainer.

The dog parker is a new piece of technology that lets you put your dog into this safe and easy dog house without having to worry if they will run away or be bothered by anyone else.

The way this works is simple: you sign up online and receive your membership card in the mail or you can download their app and sign up that way. When you approach the dog parker, all you have to do is hold up your card or your phone with the app open to unlock the door.

Each member card is different, which makes sure that you and only you can open up the door to retrieve your dog.

The dog parker has many features to ensure that your dog is 100% comfortable. It is equipped with both heat and A/C, so you don’t have to worry about the temperature of your dog. It also has UV lights that run after every use and are used to kill the bacteria that can collect in the dog house.

The Dog Parker is also very spacious for most dogs with the dimensions being 46.5″ H, 33.5″ D, and 30″ W. The coolest of these features I think is that you can always keep an eye on your pup through the camera that is inside of the dog parker. You can view this camera through the app just with the touch of a button.

This amazing service is also free, encouraging more people to use it once more locations are created.

I think that this is a great idea because it will encourage more owners to take their dogs with them. It will give the owners another option if they have to go somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs. It’s also much more safe than simply tying your dog to a tree because you won’t have to worry about them running away or possibly getting stolen.

Some would say that this is a bad idea because it is like a jail cell for your dog, but this is only a temporary spot for your dog and they are completely comfortable. I agree with the founder’s idea of creating this and I’m hoping that it encourages more people to take their pups outside more with having a safe and easy option.

As of now, there are only locations in Brooklyn, New York, but they are constantly expanding and hope to have the Dog Parker in every big city.

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