Jonathan Carter Hess: Young Music Composer

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Jonathan Carter Hess: Young Music Composer

Isabella Rubino

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Sophomore Jonathan Carter Hess began his musical career in the fourth grade when he joined his schools Orchestra playing the viola. In seventh grade he advanced his musician skills and joined Lakewood’s jazz band as a guitar player. 

He is now involved in Salina Central’s jazz band, orchestra, and he is also in Salina youth symphony.

Jonathan has always really been interested in music, so he decided to write his own.

“I liked what a lot of people were doing like artists, and I wanted to try doing my own thing because I am not necessarily one that’s great at public speaking but I like trying to communicate with people through that.” Jonathan said.

Composing music isn’t easy. The most difficult part for Jonathan is writing his music so other people understand what it means.

The most recent music Jonathan is writing is a jazz peice.

“There’s a lot of things I put into it. It just started one day. First is started out as kinda as something more mellow, something a little more serious, but to me it represents a milestone is how far I have come since 4th grade.”


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