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The weight room: more than it racks up to be

Coach Hall uplifts students mentally and physically

Story by: Morgan Dolton

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Photos and video by: Adrian Castro

For junior Luis Sotelo-Ruiz, the weight room is not just a place to grow as an athlete or become stronger. It means more than that. Spending countless hours conditioning has lead to Sotelo-Ruiz having a sense of confidence when he walks into the doors everyday, ready to take on the morning’s workout.

Serving as the home room for those in the conditioning class, weight racks keep weights stored safely. The new weight racks were added when conditioning room and turf room were added to the school.

“For me it’s just…I love getting big. I love watching my other teammates and other people get big too. For me personally, this is like another home to me. It gets my mind out of [this] around me. And it’s just, this is home,” Sotelo-Ruiz said.

Several weight bays occupy the weight room floor, allowing several students to occupy the space at one time. The conditioning classes, in addition to summer weights and faculty fitness, all use the room to gain strength and ready their bodies.

However, for some students like senior Brady Hawk, it is not just about changing his physical appearance, it’s the feeling of accomplishment he strives for. The weight room provides an environment where he doesn’t have to worry about anything except for dumbbells and sweaty benches.

“Conditioning has helped me a lot. It has helped me a lot physically and also mentally. I have got through a lot by working out, and I have achieved a lot of goals,” Hawk said.

Football coach and conditioning teacher, Mike Hall, pushes his students to reach their full potential. By helping students become mentally tough, he hopes they can succeed in athletics as well as life.

“The weight room is a great place for individuals to learn some toughness,” Hall said.

The sweaty aroma and towers of weights will continue to serve as a home away from home for students like junior Charlie Mauk due to the solid support system, consisting of Hall and other student athletes.

“It’s relaxing. It helps you get the stress out during the day. And I mean, over time you just get stronger and better and you build self confidence. It’s great,” Mauk said.

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The weight room: more than it racks up to be