Playing the waiting game


In addition to the five to ten minute wait in line for lunch, students also have to wait for their teachers to pick them up at the end of lunch as well. This policy was put into place to reduce the cuts and noise in the hall during lunch time. The policy states that you must wait by the designated area for your teacher to pick you up and take you back to class.

“Students would be walking by my room every couple of minutes hitting the lockers, shouting, and just making as much noise as possible. With the new policy it makes it easier for teachers to carry on with their lesson plans as scheduled and make sure all their students get back to class,” social studies teacher Geoff Andrews said.

Teachers definitely feel that this has helped them keep on task. Despite the policy, students continue to be disruptive in the hallway and show up late to class. Some students feel that they are being punished because others can not go back to class without being loud and rowdy.

“It’s not fair to the students that follow the rules and are respectful in the halls. They deserve to have those extra minutes to walk back to class without having to deal with any teachers.” Junior Michael Smith said.